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ECH series

ECH-1x2-2200-1800-Z4 and Z6

ECH-1x3-3300-1800-Z4 and Z6

ECH-1x4-4400-1800-Z4 and Z6

ECH-1x5-5500-1800-Z4 and Z6

ECH-2x3-5400-2200-Z4 and Z6

ECH-2x4-6600-2200-Z4 and Z6

ECH-2x4-6600-2200-Z4 and Z6

ECH-2x5-8250-2200-Z4 and Z6

ECH-2x6-9900-2200-Z4 and Z6

ECH-2x7-9900-2200-Z4 and Z6

ECI series

ECI-1x2-2200-1800-Z4 and Z6

ECI-1x3-3300-1800-Z4 and Z6

ECH-1x4-4400-1800-Z4 and Z6

ECI-1x5-5500-1800-Z4 and Z6

V models

ECV-1x2-2200-1767-Z4 and Z6

ECV-2x2-2200-1767-Z4 and Z6

ECV-2x2-3300-1767-Z4 and Z6

ECV-2x3-3300-1767-Z4 and Z6

ECV-2x3-4950-1767-Z4 and Z6

ECV-2x4-4400-1767-Z4 and Z6

ECV-2x4-6600-1767-Z4 and Z6

ECV-2x5-5500-1767-Z4 and Z6

ECV-2x5-8250-1767-Z4 and Z6

ECV-2x6-6600-1767-Z4 and Z6

ECV-2x6-9900-1767-Z4 and Z6

ECV-2x7-7700-1767-Z4 and Z6

ECV-2x8-8800-1767-Z4 and Z6

ECV-2x9-9900-1767-Z4 and Z6

ECV-2x10-11000-1767-Z4 and Z6


Forklift lifting


Example 1-motor connection

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