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Products / Water to air heaters

Eino Talsi TRV-and TRH Water to Air Heaters are a safe way to produce heat to different kinds of working spaces. They can be used, for example, in different kinds of production plants, warehouses and workshops.


Eino Talsi TRV/TRH Warm Air Heaters suit extremely well to dirty and dusty spaces, since the finned tube structure make them resistant to outside dirt and dust and they are also easy to clean. They use water or steam as heating source.


The structure of the TRV/TRH Water to Air Heater is simple. It consists of finned tube coils, steel frame and fans. If needed, it can also include air control louver and a steam trap. The air control louver is two-way and it can be used to adjust the direction of the fans and trajectory as needed. The warm air generator can be mounted either into a wall or ceiling.


There is also a movable version available of the product.

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