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Ekocoil has delivered numerous solutions for many different kinds of customers and to some very demanding conditions. Ekocoil condensers, dry cooler, finned coils, plate heat exchangers and other products can be found, for example, from different kinds of buildings, ships and from information displays both in Finland and in other countries. We design and tailor products together with the customer and our flexible production methods guarantee the best possible match to customer requirements.


Ekocoil has designed and delivered Dry Coolers for large Data Centers. Precise optimization is vital in this type of environment. Ekocoil developed the solution in close co-operation with the customer in order to find the best possible configuration (material choices, fans, electricity). Read more from this reference story.


Enerkyl Oy, Suomen Tekojää Oy, Finnsementti Oy, Recair Oy and Huurre Group are all happy customers of Ekocoil.

Eino Talsi Oy has strong experience and background in designing economizers and air preheaters. These products are currently running in dozens of power plants. In addition, the Eino Talsi finned tube radiators have been delivered for many different kinds of spaces, such as schools, office building and retail shops.

Talsin kuvia 032.jpg


The SSAB's Hämeenlinna factory uses two Eino Talsi economizers. They recover heat from the natural gas boiler of the galvanizing process. The recovered steam is utilized by directing it back to the plant processes and the heating network. According to SSAB, the Economizers have acted flawlessly.

Hämeenlinnan Osuusmeijeri

Ekocoil optimized and manufactured a dry cooler according to our requirements. They also arranged transportation and made sure a crane was at the site just in time for lifting. We are really pleased with both the product and the service from Ekocoil.


Wavin Labko

Wavin Labko Oy uses Eino Talsi Economizer for heat recovery. The waste heat is then used for heating thus reducing the need for natural gas usage.



Vattenfallen's heating plant in Nyköping has had Eino Talsi Air Preheater in use already since the year 1993. A good example of the longevity and high quality of Eino Talsi products.




The first thing that caught our attention with Ekocoil was the precise optimization of the dry cooler technical data. It was a perfect match to our requirements and saved us a lot of time in the quotation process.


A partner like Ekocoil enables us to offer high quality services to our customers and helps us to keep them happy. We keep our standards high and our target is to be a trustworthy supplier to our customers in all cases. Our business is based on end-to-end optimization of customer needs and requirements.


The delivery reliability with Ekocoil was 100% - in our experience: “just in time”.

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